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Kaplan IT460 unit 8 and unit 9 discussions-Systems Architecture is a topic that addresses many technologies.




Unit 8;Topic 1: Systems Architecture;Systems Architecture is a topic that addresses many technologies. In this thread please select one or more of these technologies, investigate what issues must be addressed by Systems Analysts and then share your plan with our classmates;Topic 2: Systems Implementation;What are the issues we face in the Systems Implementation Phase?;Unit 9;Topic 1: Maintenance vs. Support;Describe the difference between maintenance and support. In your response, be sure to include who typically provides each option. Be sure to respond to at least two of your peers.;Topic 2: Configuration Management;Class, configuration management is a very important topic. Please invest the time to research this concept via the web. Please address the following questions;1.What does this phrase mean?;2.What is the scope (categories) of this phase, i.e. what is the objective of this process?;3.What processes can we put in place to help us with configuration management?;4.What organizations are recognized today as performing this phase in a world class manner?;Please share your findings via a detailed response with our classmates.


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