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Kaplan IT460 unit 2 assignment- Differentiate the role of the System Analyst versus other I.T. roles we have




Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Differentiate the role of the System Analyst versus other I.T. roles we have;already encountered in our studies or experience.;? Identify and recommend I.T. firms that might be able to help with our required;deliverables.;Course Outcomes;1. IT460-1: Compare various types of information systems.;Instructions;To access the Assignment please go to the ?Case Study Assignment Link? found under;Learning Activities in Session 1 and 2.;Assignment A. Introduction (Use the ?SCR-TIMS Work Sessions Link?);Please note: Only the following deliverables from Jesse will be required for your Unit 2;Assignment;Jesse wants me to learn as much as possible about SCR, and she gave me a checklist to;get me started;1. On the SCR intranet, visit the data, forms, and resources libraries and review a;sample of the information in each library. For your assignment, begin with a;sentence indicating that you have successfully entered the SCR website. Complete;this section with a summary of the items that you found in the website.;2. Jesse says that SCR has plenty of competition in the IT consulting field. Get on the;Internet and find three other IT consulting firms. She wants a description of each;firm in your own words and the services offered by each.;Assignment B. Analyzing the Business Case: Assigna


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