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Kaplan IT460 unit 1 assignment-Distinguish the differences and similarities between two or more SDLC methodologies.




Assignment 1 ? Points = 20;Outcomes addressed in this activity;Unit Outcomes;? Distinguish the differences and similarities between two or more SDLC;methodologies.;? Recognize what type of information is contained in the SCR website for each of our;weekly assignments;Course Outcome;? GEL 6.5: Use electronic libraries/databases for research purposes.;Assignment Instructions;There are two assignments for Unit 1, one is graded and one is not, this is the graded;assignment.;One of the many tasks we are going to encounter in our new role of a Systems Analyst;is that of research. Many times we will be asked to provide our thoughts and;recommendations for topics that are brand new, even to us. Given that, here is your;first assignment. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) just stopped by your office and;asked your thoughts on whether we should be using something other than the SDLC for;our technology projects, in particular the JAD and/or RAD methodologies.;For this assignment, please utilize the Internet and/or other appropriate materials to;research both the JAD (Joint Application Development) and RAD (Rapid Application;Development) methodologies.;Write a 2 page paper (minimum?more is encouraged) (double spaced) explaining what;each methodology involves, differentiating the advantages and disadvantages of each.;Be sure to cite any sources.;Assignment requirements;Clear explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of JAD.;Clear explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of RAD. Assign


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