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Kaplan IT460 unit 5 assignment-Appraise a business scenario and recommend a course of action




Assignment 5;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Appraise a business scenario and recommend a course of action;? Measure the financial viability of a business case;? Demonstrate the thorough understanding of an I.T. scenario.;Course Outcomes;? IT460-3 Apply object-oriented modeling tools and techniques in designing;information systems.;Assignment requirements;The Midterm is a structured problem-solving experience that allows you and each of;your teammates to demonstrate your current Systems Analyst skill set! There will be;two scores issued for the midterm, overall team score and your individual score based;on the overall team score and the feedback provided by your teammates with regards to;your level of participation.;Read the Midterm Assignment Case Study below, in which you will be applying the;methods and techniques used during the System Development Life Cycle.;The assignment will be completed in teams of students assigned by your professor.;Each team is responsible for completing the entire assignment.;? Students are expected to meet their team's expectations for attending team;meetings, completing individual assignments, and contributing to the integration;of those assignments into a cohesive team submission.;? Each member of the team will submit an evaluation of their team members;including themselves, based upon their participation on the team. The evaluations;will be averaged together to determine each student's assignment participation;grade. Your instructor will give you more detail on the format of the evaluation.;Read the Willowbrook School case study, and then complete the following questions;regarding the case study.;1. In order to succeed as a Systems Analyst, you have to understand the purpose of;the organization that you support. Our work is focused on the needs of our;business partners. Given that your first deliverable is to draft a mission statement;for Willowbrook Schools. Please keep in mind that the focus of the Mission;Statement is on the business and not the I.T. assignment! Assignment Gra


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