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DEVRY BIS155 week 3 quiz-Which of the following best describes a page break




Question;(TCO 4) _____ column and row headings enables you to keep these headings on the screen when scrolling through a large spreadsheet.;Formatting;Freezing;Resizing;Tiling;Question 2. Question;(TCO 4) Which of the following best describes a page break?;Freezes only the top row;The sequence in which pages print;Indicates where data starts on a new printed page;Stops the printer from printing;Question 3. Question;(TCO 4) To create a table from an existing range of data, _____.;click within the range, click the Table Tools Design tab, and then select Convert to Table;select any cell in the worksheet and then click Existing Range in the Tools group;click in a cell and on the Home tab, and click the Insert arrow in the Cells group;click the Insert tab and then click Table in the Tables group;Question 4. Question;(TCO 4) Filtering the Cost column (field) to show only records greater than $10,000 is an application of _____.;a Date Filter;a Text Filter;the use of a table element as a formula;a Number Filter;Question 5. Question;(TCO 4) To apply a red background color to cells for employees who have sales greater than $1,000, you can use _____.;a PivotTable;a multiple level sort;conditional formatting;a range name;Question 6. Question;(TCO 4) Using Conditional Formatting to draw attention to cells that are blank _____.;displays a particular color based on the relative value of the cell contents to other selected cells;displays an icon representing a value in the top third, quarter, or fifth based on values in the selected range;helps locate where data may be missing;helps locate errors in cells quickly;Question 7. Question;(TCO 4) The Subtotal command is located on the _____ tab.;data;formula;page layout;insert;Question 8. Question;(TCO 4) _____ are created to organize and summarize data in PivotTables.;Categories;Types;Titles;Levels;Question 9. Question;(TCO 4) To begin a filter based on a particular field, you drag the desired field to which area under Drag fields between areas below?;Column Labels;Report Filter;Row Labels;Values;Question 10. Question;(TCO 4) To create a calculated field, select _____ located on the PivotTable Tools Options tab.;Calculations;Insert Calculated Field dialog launcher;Tools;PivotTable Calculation;Question 11. Question;(TCO 4) A Pivot Table Style controls all the following EXCEPT _____.;bolding;font colors;number format;shading colors;Question 12. Question;(TCO 4) A quick way to display the Go to dialog box is to press the _____ key(s).;F4;Ctrl+Home;Ctrl+End;F5;Question 13. Question;(TCO 4) The PivotChart Tools contextual tab includes all the following EXCEPT _____.;design;layout;format;type;Question 14. Question;(TCO 4) Click the _____ to sort or filter the chart representation based on the values.;Axis Field arrows;Report Filter arrows;Values arrows;Legend Field arrows;Question 15. Question;(TCO 4) Which of the following will NOT delete a PivotChart?;Go to the Home tab and click Cut;Right-click the chart and click Cut;Select the chart and then press Delete;Click and drag the PivotChart off the worksheet


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