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computer science quiz- has been the most revolutionized by cloud storage




1. _______ has been the most revolutionized by cloud storage.;A. E-mail communication;B. Domain registration;C. File management;D. Internet routing;2. Which one of the following protocols is used to send email?;A. FTP;B. IMAP;C. POP;D. SMTP;3. A _______ is secured across a public or leased network.;A. WLAN;B. WWAN;C. LAN;D. VPN;4. _______ specifies the structure and format of a web page.;A. URL;B. HTML;C. DNS;D. HTTP;5. Which one of the following web hosting types is the easiest to configure?;A. Co-located dedicated;B. Unmanaged dedicated;C. Shared;D. DIY;6. The HTTP verb _______ is used to upload data.;A. POST;B. DELETE;C. GET;D. PUT;7. Which one of the following web hosting types is the most expensive?;A. Unmanaged dedicated;B. DIY;C. Managed dedicated;D. Co-located dedicated;8. Which type of network wiring is commonly used for telephone and network cables?;A. Coaxial cable;B. Bluetooth;C. Radio wave;D. Twisted pair;9. Which one of the following terms best describes the address;A. FQDN;B. IPv6;C. IPv4;D. MAC;10. Which of the following is a scenario involving an ISP?;A. A customer in a coffee shop uses a cellular 3G card to access her company website;B. Two computers connect directly to each other using a cross-over cable;C. A business executive uses a Bluetooth earpiece to talk hands-free with a client;D. A player connects their computer to a power source in their home;11. _______ services filter content and limit packets based on IP address or port number.;A. Database;B. File;C. Mail;D. Proxy;12. Which one of the following is a valid URL?;A.;B.;C.;D.;13. Which one of the following port pairs is commonly used to send/receive web pages?;A. 20 and 21;B. 53 and 143;C. 22 and 23;D. 80 and 443;14. Which one of the following is the best combination of Internet services to provide a simple Web site;that supports podcasts and videocasts?;A. Web service, streaming media service;B. Web service, mail service;C. Web service, remote connection service;D. Web service, database service;15. Which of the following is not a valid TLD?;A. com;B. aero;C. person;D. uk;16. Which one of the following definitions best describes a DBMS?;A. Routing table that resolves IP address into MAC addresses;B. Lookup table that resolves domain names into IP addresses;C. Storage that allows data creation, retrieval, update, and deletion operations;D. Storage that allows websites to store cookies using the user's browser;17. Which HTTP code means that there are no errors?;A. 404;B. 500;C. 200;D. 403;18. The web hosting type _______ is intended for a web developer who has some experience but does not;have hosting hardware or software.;A. managed;B. DIY;C. shared;D. unmanaged;19. Which one of the following domains specifies a country-code TLD?;A. gov;B. net;C. coop;D. tv;20. Which one of the following Web services is the most popular on the Internet?;End of exam


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