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Even though the custom plant may be more risky it has a higher potential




Module 2 - Problem: 12-3;Inputs;Standard Plant;Cost of capital;Number of years;Initial investment;Custom Plant;12%;5;$30,000,000;Relevant Cash Flow;Operating cash flows;Year;Standard Plant;Cost of capital;12%;Initial investment;-$30,000,000;1;$10,000,000.00;2;$10,000,000.00;3;$10,000,000.00;4;$10,000,000.00;5;$10,000,000.00;NPV@12% cost of capital;$6,047,762.02;$40,000,000;Custom Plant;-$40,000,000;$15,000,000.00;$15,000,000.00;$15,000,000.00;$15,000,000.00;$15,000,000.00;$14,071,643.04;Results;a.;NPV;Standard Plant;$6,047,762.02;Acceptable;(Mutually exclusive project);b.;Cost of capital;Number of years;Initial investment;Breakeven cash inflow;c.;Probability;d.;Custom Plant;$14,071,643.04;Acceptable;Acceptable;Breakeven Cash Inflow;Standard Plant;Custom Plant;12%;12%;5;5;-$30,000,000;-$40,000,000;$8,322,291.96;$11,096,389.28;Standard Plant;60%;Custom Plant;25%;Standard Plant;Custom Plant;More risky;Higher NPV;Even though the custom plant may be more risky it has a higher potential;NPV. The standard plant is less risky however does not have potential for a;high NPV. Therefore one must look at the combination of risk and return;when deciding on a project as well as the variability of cash inflows in;regards to risk.;e.;Standard Plant;Custom Plant;Best choice to minimize losses;Best choice to achieve a higher NPV;Module 2 - Problem: 12-12;Inputs;Module 2 - Problem: 12-14;Inputs;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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