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Do you think the acquisition of a foreign firm




4. International Opportunities;a. Do you think the acquisition of a foreign firm;or licensing will result in greater growth for an;MNC? Which alternative is likely to have;more risk?;b. Describe a scenario in which the size of a corporation;is not affected by access to international;opportunities.;c. Explain why MNCs such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo;Inc., still have numerous opportunities for international;expansion.;5. International Opportunities Due to the;Internet;a. What factors cause some firms to become more;internationalized than others?;b. Offer your opinion on why the Internet may result;in more international business.;6. Impact of Exchange Rate Movements Plak Co.;of Chicago has several European subsidiaries that remit;earnings to it each year. Explain how appreciation of;the euro (the currency used in many European countries);would affect Plak?s valuation.;7. Benefits and Risks of International Business;As an overall review of this chapter, identify possible;reasons for growth in international business. Then, list;the various disadvantages that may discourage international;business.;8. Valuation of an MNC Hudson Co., a U.S. firm;has a subsidiary in Mexico, where political risk has;recently increased. Hudson?s best guess of its future;peso cash flows to be received has not changed.;However, its valuation has declined as a result of the;increase in political risk. Explain.;9. Centralization and Agency Costs Would the;agency problem be more pronounced for Berkely;Corp., whose parent company makes most major;decisions for its foreign subsidiaries, or Oakland Corp.;which uses a decentralized approach?;10. Global Competition Explain why more standardized;product specifications across countries can;increase global competition.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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