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?Post your response to the following: In what way...




?Post your response to the following: In what ways does the statement of cash flows relate to the balance sheet and income statement? Please refer to Figure 4.1 on p. 119 of your text (Chapter 4). Choose one of the items listed in this table; then, explain why the item that you chose represents an inflow or outflow of cash. Also, please identify the financial statement that you would use to find the information that you have chosen to describe. As you have read in this week's readings, the statement of cash flows contains information about cash flows from operating activities, cash flows from financing activities, and cash flows from investing activities. Think about a company's cash flows from financing activities. Which financial statement would be used to complete this portion of the statement of cash flows? Please explain your response.,I am responding,I can't seem to get to the message you have sent


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