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strayer BUS430 week 5 and week 6 discussion




Fast Food Franchise" Please respond to the following;Choose two fast food franchises, such as McDonalds and Burger King, and examine their facility layouts. Compare and contrast both food franchises, and discuss the differences in their layouts.;Evaluate how each of the layouts enhance or hinder productivity and the customer experience. Support your answer.;week 5 diss 2;Evaluating Supply Chain Performance" Please respond to the following;From the e-Activity, choose a company that sells a service or a product. Evaluate its supply chain performance effectiveness in terms of responsiveness, technology, and customer-related measures.;Determine at least three areas of effectiveness and three areas of deficiencies that can impact the competitive position of the company you chose in Part 1 of this discussion. Suggest ways the deficiencies can be improved. Provide at least two examples to support your answer.;week 6 diss 1;David Christopher and Orthopedic Surgeon" Please respond to the following;From the first case study, evaluate the medical practice and suggest at least two options (not discussed in the case) to maximize patient throughput and revenues without compromising the quality of medical care. Support your suggestion.;Speculate how you would apply the theory of constraints to this medical practice. Explain your position and support your answer.;week 6 diss 2;BankUSA" Please respond to the following;From the second case study, determine the challenges faced by the Help Desk at BankUSA and suggest strategies to mitigate them.;Using the data on call volume in the case, select a forecasting model to forecast the short-term demand. Justify why this model was selected over other forecasting models. Support your position.


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