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FIU MAN6830 week 2 assignment Network Support Instructions




Week 2: Network Support Instructions;You are the manager ofRafael, a system?s support team member in your department. Hisresponsibilities are configuring new computers, setting up new networks, monitoring networks,and ensuring that the system is responsive and availability.Rafaelis new to his position and recently completed his associate?s degree in information systems at the local community college. He is very enthusiastic about his job. Rafaelhas been assigned the weekend operations shift which is being on call in case of outages and correcting any technical problemsto restore service.Last weekend, Rafael was called by operations support to correct a problem.Rafael logged onand corrected the problem. He decided to make a database backup just in case. When makingthe back-up, he wanted to ensure that data copied correctly and wrote adata query using theorder and salespeopletables.His results turned up an interesting result in that he noticed oneof the salespeople?s orders always had a total price lower than the other salespeople with thesame amount of product. Hejust noticed it in passing, and was pleased to see that thedatabase was responding normally. He documented his work andheaded home.The next Friday, Rafael went to happy hour and ran into the salesperson who he found in thequery with lower totals. He made a joke about ?discounting?. The salesperson just laughed and said that he ?did his job?.The following Monday, your boss called you into his office. He said the SVP of sales hadinformed him to terminate Rafael due to his ?illegal? behavior and actions.;He wants your recommendation on the situation and what action to following.What is your opinion?;Is it illegal, unethical, or neither for Rafael query the data? Does thecompany share culpability with Rafael? What should you do as Rafael?s manager to eliminatethese types of situations in the future? What should employees do whenodd patterns in dataare found?Write a memo to your boss with your responsesand suggested actions


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