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DEVRY BSOP429 WEEK 6 lab 5




Lab 5 of 6: WIP Report;Note!;Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.;(See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due dates.);LAB OVERVIEW;Assignment Points Description;WIP Report 20 Construct a WIP report using any format of your choosing using data provided to you. Ensure that the report meets the specifications noted in the following directions.;Total 20 A quality table will meet the above requirements.;Scenario and Summary;Construct a WIP (work-in-process) report using the data below. The format must include all of the information in the table below and show an overall cost for each week and a summary cost for each week.;This table contains work-in-process values in U.S. dollars.;Item # Week # Cost Location;M3523;17;$90;Raw Materials;M8619;21;$385;Raw Materials;M1851;21;$50;Raw Materials;M2787;22;$60;Raw Materials;M2786;22;$780;Raw Materials;M3391;24;$160;Raw Materials;M1467;28;$650;Raw Materials;P7472;20;$25;Purchased Materials;P4423;23;$1,050;Purchased Materials;P1314;24;$168;Purchased Materials;P2783;28;$670;Purchased Materials;675121;24;$720;Fabricated Parts;675122;24;$360;Fabricated Parts;675111;27;$540;Fabricated Parts;675112;27;$1,440;Fabricated Parts;675113;27;$1,620;Fabricated Parts;675210;27;$360;Fabricated Parts;675220;27;$180;Fabricated Parts;675230;27;$810;Fabricated Parts;675110;27;$480;Assemblies;675120;27;$840;Assemblies;675100;28;$250;Assemblies;675200;28;$720;Assemblies;675000;29;$460;Assemblies;Deliverables;Construct a WIP report meeting the above stated requirements. Submit a copy of your report in an MS Word document.;LAB STEPS;Submission of WIP Report;Back to Top;Submit your completed Lab assignment for grading.


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