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Emerging from bankruptcy GM's commitment to smaller more fuel efficient cars has resulted in a move from a GM corporation to a smaller GM company, selling off and phasing out brands and changing logos are steps toward a new GM. With the Obama administration's desire for a complete ocerhaul of GM's structure, the U.S. Treasury became the company's biggest stockholder. While American tax payers had a greater than 40% ownership in the new company. New management teams representing stability and design appear to set the stage for a match point.;1.Is GMs organizational structure aligned with its strategies? If so why? If not, what is needed?;2. What organizational controls do you think were lacking in the old GM? What organizational controls are needed at the new GM?;3. What specific strategic controls do you believe are key to GM's future success?;4. Recognizing GM's current state, how do you see the new GM strategy and structure relationship? How do you see it evolving?


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