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To prepare for this Key Concept Exercise, read the Required Learning Resources for Week 7.;Green supply chain activities are increasingly being implemented in different countries of the world. It has been suggested that implementing some of these activities requires significant resources. However, it is also commonly acknowledged that small organisations have fewer resources than larger organisations and are less likely to adopt such activities. For this exercise, imagine that you have recently been appointed as a supply chain manager at a medium-sized family business that manufactures shoes, you wish to recommend that the company adopt green supply chain practices. Write a 500-word report to the organisation?s management to present your perspective and the benefits of green supply chain practices.;By Day 3, submit your Key Concept Exercise.;Be sure to read over your assignment before submitting it to your Instructor to make sure the spelling and grammar are correct, and the language, citing and referencing you use when providing your opinion are appropriate for academic writing


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