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Kaplan GB513 Unit 6 Final Project




Directions;For your Final Project, you will be analyzing the ?Colonial Broadcasting? case. Begin by reading;the description in the case. Then answer the questions listed below, not the questions listed in the;case. Ignore everything in the case after the end of page 6.;The executives at CBC want to see how they are doing in ratings against the other networks and how;the ratings will continue to change in the upcoming months. They also want to know if hiring stars;makes a difference and the impact of fact-based programming compared to hiring stars. You will;create a Powerpoint presentation to answer the questions below. Remember that your audience is;the management of CBC. Therefore, make sure your presentation is professional and provides;sufficient explanation.;1. Answer the following questions;a. What is the average rating for all CBC movies? How about ABN movies and BBS;movies?;b. Include a table that shows the average and the other descriptive statistics (using the;data analysis toolpack in Excel) for the ratings of the three networks (one column for;each network). Explain what you learn from each of the metrics in the table.;c. Comment on which network is doing best.;2. Create a line graph of the monthly average ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there are;multiple ratings data for the months, you will need to calculate an average for each month first;and then plot the averages. After you create the graph, fit a linear trend line, displaying the;formula and the r-squared. Explain to the executives if you can use this time series data to;forecast the ratings of upcoming months. How accurate can you expect this forecast to be?;3. Should the CBC hire stars for their movies? To answer this question, run a hypothesis test to;see if there is a significant difference between the ratings of movies with stars versus movies;without stars. Use the data for CBC movies only. Use 95% confidence. Answer the following;a. What are the null and alternative hypotheses (state in full sentences)?;b. Run the test using Excel and include the output table. Use a t-test assuming equal;variances.;c. What is your recommendation to the executives? Justify your answer referring to the;relevant figures.;4. Run a multiple regression where the dependent variable is ratings and the independent;variables are star and fact. Use data from CBC only. CBC Management has several questions;a. Which has more impact on a movie?s rating: being fact based or having one star? How;much does each of these factors change the ratings?;b. How well does this regression analysis explain the ratings? Justify your answers;referring to the relevant figures.;c. Are either, both, or neither of the independent variables significantly related to the;ratings at 95% confidence? Justify your answers referring to the relevant figures.


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