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Is Mass Marketing on Life Support




The Internet and other segmentation schemes make it easy for marketers to customize their marketing and promotional efforts. As a result, some marketers think that mass media marketing is dead in the water and that customization is taking its place. However, there are others that believe mass marketing is ideal for big brands targeting mass consumer markets.;Comments? Is mass media marketing a strategy of the past? Is there a place for it in today?s digital world? Tell us what you think and use examples to support your arguments.;Please note: This discussion is intended to help you further explore and think critically about the information you are reading and viewing. You are expected to be an active participant in the discussion, and meet the minimum criteria of one substantive initial posting and two thoughtful, well-supported responses. Each discussion response must have a minimum of 125 words, be spell-checked, well-written and cite references in support of arguments.


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