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After reviewing the interview summaries reported




Answer each of the four questions in one clear and succinct paragraph. (That is, your initial post should consist of four paragraphs.);1.After reviewing the interview summaries reported (posted) by you and your classmates, describe the patterns or trends that you see.;2.What do you think life would be like if 40% of the population was over the age of 65? Think about aspects of day-to-day life like entertainment, shopping, and the workplace.;3.What changes do you think would occur in social institutions? Consider institutions from a sociological perspective?a point-of-view that takes into account norms in family, government, economic, education, health care, and religious systems. Support your response as needed from required readings, learning activities, and evidence drawn from the field of sociology, medical sociology, or social demography.;4.If we knew today that the population change was going to occur within the next 50 years, what social planning could be done to try to facilitate it? Provide one link to an academic/professional level website to provoke new thought in this area.


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