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MBA604 research proposal




MBA604 research proposal (30%);You are about to commence a new research project in a field of your choice. You are;expected to write a report that constitutes a research proposal.;You should carry out the following tasks and document them in your report;1. Undertake a literature review highlighting the current state of the art.;2. Taking into account the current state of the art highlight the novelty and contribution;to knowledge upon successful completion of your project.;3. Do a feasibility study to assess the likelihood of the project being completed and;producing useful results. If possible, the feasibility study should contain some;preliminary results (e.g. a pilot data set and initial data analysis).;4. Present the research methodology you plan to follow. Include a description of your;planned approach for data analysis including the statistical techniques you are;planning to use.;5. Produce a project plan for your research project (ideally to be presented with the aid;of a Gantt chart) showing the breakdown of processes constituting the project;highlighting the dependencies between them and hence showing those that can be run;in parallel. Decide and present the various deadlines, milestones and deliverables. If;more than one person is to be involved specify which tasks will be delegated to;whom. As part of your project plan comment on your contingency plan i.e. what;alternative steps you have to follow in case your original planning fails.;6. Produce a costing report for the various resources you will need (manpower;equipment, consumables, consultancy, travel etc).;7. Highlight the relevance to beneficiaries, i.e. who will benefit by the business/research;findings and how.;8. Briefly mention how the business/research findings will be disseminated (e.g.;conferences, workshops, seminars, journal publications, press releases).;9. Present the track record of the investigators involved, demonstrating why they would;be capable of undertaking and completing such a project.;10. Conclude and summarize your report.;11. Include a reference and bibliographical list. Make sure you use a formal referencing;scheme (e.g. Harvard, Vancouver).;12. If necessary include appendices to provide additional material relevant to the;document.;Minimum 1500 words, Maximum 2500 words;Attachments;MBA604_res_proposal(1).doc (98.5 KB);Research_Proposal_Structure_and_Marking_Criteria.doc (44.5 KB)


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