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Strayer BUS 302 Week 5 Quiz




Instructions This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 8. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 9. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the quiz.;Question 1;is the set of shared values and beliefs that affects the perceptions, decisions, and behavior of people from a particular country.;Question 2;A(n) ____ is a direct tax on imported goods designed to make it more expensive to buy those goods, instituted in hopes of reducing the volume of those imported goods in a given country.;Question 3;occurs when a company sells domestically produced products to customers in foreign countries.;Question 4;Protectionism is the use of trade barriers to protect local companies and their workers from ____.;Question 5;An expatriate is someone who ____.;Question 6;Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics is a medium-sized U.S. company that sells 1.5 million tubes of its lipstick annually in Japan. It has no physical presence within the country beyond the fact its products are sold there. Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics uses ____ to reach the Japanese market.;Question 7;A country or region that has an attractive business climate for companies that want to go global has found an ____.;Question 8;A cosmetics company that is considering entering the South American market would be especially interested in the discretionary income within that region. In other words, which of the following would be a determining factor in its global strategy?;Question 9;To protect its farmers, Japan put limitations on the amount of mushrooms and leeks that could be imported into Japan from China. This limitation is an example of a(n) ____.;Question 10;Historically, most companies have used the ____ to successfully enter foreign markets.;Question 11;Global business is defined as____.;Question 12;The Japanese government has proclaimed that its snow is different from that found in any other region of the world. As a result, all snow skis marketed in Japan must be manufactured in Japan. This is an example of a(n) ____.;Question 13;Ford Motor Company owns and operates a $1.9 billion manufacturing plant in Brazil. What method for organizing for global business has Ford used in this example?;Question 14;are long-term, low-interest loans, cash grants, and tax deductions used to develop and protect companies or special industries.;Question 15;is a method of investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an existing business in a foreign country.;Question 16;departmentalization is notorious for confusion and conflict between project managers in different areas of the organization.;Question 17;With ____ departmentalization, most employees report to two bosses.;Question 18;involves assigning direct authority and responsibility to a subordinate to complete tasks for which the manager is normally responsible.;Question 19;departmentalization is defined as organizing work and workers into separate units responsible for particular business functions or areas of expertise.;Question 20;A manufacturer of acrylic and latex gloves sells to medical laboratories, to factories where employees handle chemicals, to companies that manufacture micro-tech equipment, and to cleaning services. Because it is organized to better satisfy the needs of each of its four target markets, the manufacturer uses ____ departmentalization.;Question 21;is a general term that refers to subdividing work and workers into separate organizational units that are responsible for completing particular tasks.;Question 22;A(n) ____ organization is part of a network in which many companies share skills, costs, capabilities, markets, and customers with each other.;Question 23;Organizational authority is traditionally characterized by ____.;Question 24;Hallmark has four departments. These departments are (1) Flowers and Gifts, (2) Cards and E-cards, (3) Hallmark Collectibles, and (4) Photo Albums and Scrapbooks. Hallmark uses ____ departmentalization.;Question 25;Large accounting agencies typically have separate departments that deal with households, businesses, and governments. This allows them to better serve the needs of their clients, by using ____ departmentalization.;Question 26;is the degree to which a job is perceived to have a substantial impact on others inside or outside the organization.;Question 27;Kimberly-Clark is subdivided into organizational units called Kimberly-Clark Health Care, which provides products to hospitals, Kimberly-Clark Professional, which sells to businesses, and Kimberly-Clark Consumer, which sells the company?s products to customers. From this information, you know that Kimberly-Clark uses ____.;Question 28;The Ryerson University Library is organized in a hierarchy with six unit heads reporting to a chief librarian. Within these units are fifteen librarians and forty-seven full-time library staff. One of the tools used in the organizational development of the library was to systematically move employees from one job to another to give them an opportunity to learn and use different skills. The Ryerson University Library used ____.;Question 29;In terms of the chain of command, ____ authority is the right to command immediate subordinates, while ____ authority is the right to advise but not command others who are not subordinates.;Question 30;is characterized by simple, easy-to-learn steps, low variety, and high repetition.


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