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cis 517 week 11 final exam 2 different one




cis 517 week 11 final exam 2 different one;Question 1;Four people have ____ communications channel(s).;Answer;one;four;six;eight;Question 2;Many organizations use ____ and templates to generate SOWs.;Answer;details;outlines;plans;samples;Question 3;involves taking steps to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to meeting project objectives.;Answer;Performing quantitative risk analysis;Planning risk responses;Monitoring and controlling risk;Performing qualitative risk analysis;Question 4;is the ratio of revenues to profits.;Answer;Profit;Profit margin;Cost structure;Cost margin;allow for future situations that are unpredictable.;Answer;Contingency reserves;Management reserves;Known unknowns;Indirect reserves;Question 6;At the bottom of Maslow?s structure are ____ needs.;Answer;esteem;self-actualization;physiological;social;Question 7;involve payment to the supplier for direct and indirect actual costs.;Answer;CPFF contracts;Lump sum contracts;Cost-reimbursable contracts;Time and material contracts;Question 8;?If the information technology project is to produce a new product or service, will it be useful to the organization or marketable to others?? applies to which risk category?;Answer;Financial risk;Technology risk;Structure/process risk;Market risk;Question 9;According to the Standish Group?s success potential scoring sheet, ____ has the highest relative importance.;Answer;executive management support;clear statement of requirements;proper planning;user involvement;Question 10;A project manager can chart the probability and impact of risks on a ____.;Answer;risk ranking chart;risk probability table;probability/impact matrix;risk assessment matrix;Question 11;Six Sigma?s target for perfection is the achievement of no more than ____ defects, errors, or mistakes per million opportunities.;Answer;1.34;3.4;34;340;Question 12;involves deciding how to approach and plan the risk management activities for the project.;Answer;Identifying risks;Planning risk management;Performing qualitative risk analysis;Performing quantitative risk analysis;Question 13;A ____ person achieves a balance between risk and payoff.;Answer;risk-seeking;risk-averse;risk-fearing;risk-neutral;Question 14;The ____ mode is also called the problem-solving mode.;Answer;confrontation;compromise;smoothing;forcing;Question 15;Since organizations depend on reliable information technology, there are also huge costs associated with ____.;Answer;work time;technical planning;uptime;downtime;Question 16;People with a high need for ____ desire harmonious relationships with other people and need to feel accepted by others.;Answer;affiliation;money;power;achievement;Question 17;People with a high need for ____ seek to excel and tend to avoid both low-risk and high-risk situations to improve their chances for achieving something worthwhile.;Answer;affiliation;money;power;achievement;Question 18;are those costs that an organization can easily measure in dollars.;Answer;Intangible costs;Direct costs;Tangible costs;Indirect costs;Question 19;are/is a qualitative risk analysis tool, and in addition to identifying risks, it maintains an awareness of risks throughout the life of a project.;Answer;Risk factor analysis;Probability/impact matrices or charts;Risk registering;Top Ten Risk Item Tracking;Question 20;involves numerically estimating the effects of risks on project objectives.;Answer;Performing qualitative risk analysis;Planning risk responses;Planning risk management;Performing quantitative risk analysis;Question 21;The highest level of needs in Maslow?s structure is referred to as a ____ need.;Answer;deficiency;growth;safety;physiological;Question 22;are a good way to highlight information provided in important project documents, empower people to be accountable for their work, and have face-to-face discussions about important project issues.;Answer;Information retreats;Status planning meetings;Information review meetings;Status review meetings;Question 23;With a(n) ____ contract, the buyer pays the supplier for allowable performance costs plus a fixed fee payment usually based on a percentage of estimated costs.;Answer;CPFF;CPIF;CPPC;CPPF;Question 24;?Will the project meet NPV, ROI, and payback estimates?? applies to which risk category?;Answer;Financial risk;Technology risk;Structure/process risk;Market risk;Question 25;Project sponsors can usually rank scope, time, and cost goals in order of importance in a(n) ____.;Answer;expectations management matrix;responsibility assignment matrix;issue log;priority matrix


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