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BUS343: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING WEEK 3 QUIZ;A company has four different modes of foreign market entry. Which of the following WOULD NOT be among those modes? (Points: 1);exporting;nonequity importing;contractual agreements;strategic alliances;direct foreign investment;Which of the following is NOT one of the factors changing the way countries trade and prosper in the twenty-first century? (Points: 1);The transition from socialist to market-driven economies.;Liberalization of trade and investment policies in developing countries.;The transfer of public-sector enterprises to the private sector.;The rapid development of regional market alliances.;The expansion of military interventions around the world.;South America has been the fastest-growing area in the world for the past three decades. (Points: 1);True;False;Britain has always had an uneasy alliance with the European Economic Community (EEC) and did not want to join. What satellite group did Britain form for those countries that did not wish to join the EEC? (Points: 1);European Freedom Fund;European Free Trade Association;The Council of Ministers;Economic and Monetary Alliance;none of the above;The most fully integrated form of regional cooperation is called a: (Points: 1);political union.;common market.;regional cooperation for development (RCD).;customs union.;free trade area (FTA).;Patent rights, trademark rights, and the rights to use technological processes are granted in foreign licensing. (Points: 1);True;False;The primary goal of Phase 2 of the international planning process is to: (Points: 1);perform a preliminary analysis of a country.;perform a screen of the environment.;decide on a marketing mix adjusted to the cultural constraints.;perform a situation analysis for the country that has been selected for entry.;implement specific plans.;Contractual agreements serve as a means of transfer of __________ rather than _______. (Points: 1);equity?knowledge (I accidentally selected this and cannot undo it, but I don?t not know if this is the correct answer, s;knowledge--equity;money--profit;organizational design--organizational theory;none of the above fits the sentence correctly;The most advanced and viable of Africa's regional organizations is called the Southern African Development Community. (Points: 1);True;False;The talks on One China include establishing ?three direct links? referring to: (Points: 1);education, emancipation, and equity;religion, culture, and marketing;systems, energy, and advertising;sports, education, and environmental;transportation, trade, and communications.


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