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BADM 567 ? Process Management - Team Assignment 2 -Custom Molds Inc.




1. What are the process-related operational capabilities required for serving each of the two categories of products/customers ? molds and parts?;In addition to citing generic competitive capabilities such as cost, quality, etc. in your answer, please justify your choice by specifying why each competitive capability that you cite applies to each of the two product/customer-category.;2. What are the different process flow and process design requirements (i.e., process configurations ? line or job shop), and other operational infrastructure and structure needs (i.e., workforce, possibility of outsourcing, etc.) for making and delivering the two different categories of products ? molds and parts?;3. What is apparent about the changes in the market in which Custom Molds competes? How has the mix of customers changed?;Please support your answer based on your analysis of the data in the case, and/or cite the specific information from the case on the basis of which you reached your conclusions.;Based on your response, how do you expect the order qualifiers and order winners for molds and parts customers to have changed?


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