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StatCrunch Assignment 1 - State a question related to a categorical variable




2a. State a question related to a categorical variable that can be answered using your survey data and the techniques you have studied thus far in this course. You are encouraged to develop your own question, but you may use an appropriate question from the StatCrunch website. The question you use should be about the entire population of StatCrunch U students?not just about those in the sample. Assume that your sample is representative of the population.;What is the proportion of students that work?;Those that work what is the gender distribution?;Number of hours per week?;Number of units taken?;Those that work how many have credit card debt?;Are there any relationships in the hours they worked and loans they might have?;Does gender play a role on the loans they have?;b. Explain the methodology you will use to answer the question you posed. Your explanation should include answers to the following questions. Do not include your analysis or answers to your question here?only describe how you will do the analysis.;? What is the variable of interest? The difference between gender and comparison on work schedule and school units, and how it affects their loans and their financial health.;? What graphical techniques will you use to describe your data? bar column, pie chart;? Why are those techniques appropriate? Why did you choose them?The techniques I have chosen could break down the data to inform students on what percentage has less financial stress during school and what route they could take to achieve success in school, and work.;c. Carry out the methodology described in b above. Use StatCrunch and paste copies of the graphs/charts from StatCrunch in the space below.


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