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Only write about Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. 4 pages




Only write about Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. 4 pages;Lecture 4C. Best CEO Award. 289 words;The CEO Award is a paper that is to be a team effort. References should be noted in the;paper, and I would appreciate receiving a separate e-mail with the references.;The paper is limited to 12-15 pages, including graphs. References are to be on an;additional page.;The candidates for the CEO Award are;Harold Geneen, former CEO of ITT;Charles B. Knight, former CEO of Emerson Electric;Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric.;The award will be made by each of you based upon your research into their record of;success as CEOs. Some of the factors of success are as follows;Growth of their respective companies in size, earnings, and return on investment.;Any other factors you may want to consider will be welcome.;Development of management techniques which have been copied and accepted as;current management doctrine.;Development of international business, not only in exports but in investment in;foreign countries, especially if that investment has had a positive effect on the;growth of the country.;Interesting factors concerning their competition with each other, their friendship;or dislike. I remember hearing of a bet that Knight & Welch had on a financial;target. See if you can find out what the bet entailedyou will be surprised.;The diversity of the product lines.;The excellence achieved in planning, organizing, directing, control and staffing.;Graphs and tables are acceptable. Do not overwhelm me with the artistry of your;production, but focus on providing quantifiable information.;You are to choose the winner. You may assign points to factors--- just publish the;grading scale and point assignment.;You should devote two paragraphs to what you learned from the CEO Award process.


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