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Carol Deveney is 20 years old and single.




1. Carol Deveney is 20 years old and single. Her parents properly claim her as a dependent on their joint tax return. During 2009, Carol had the following income and expense items;Wages from a part-time summer job $3,000;Interest income from her own savings account 2,500;State and local income taxes paid 800;State and local sales tax paid 200;Carol's 2009 taxable income is;Question 1 options;a) $4,550.;b) $0.;c) $1,850.;d) $900.;e) $2,200.;2. Tammy Yeager (unmarried, age 56) claims her elderly mother (age 74) as a dependent. Tammy's mother does not live with her, but Tammy pays for almost all of her mother's household costs. If the mother has no gross income, the mother's 2009 standard deduction is;Question 4 options;a) $5,700.;b) $1,400.;c) $7,100.;d) $2,050.;e) $2,350.;3. A taxpayer with AGI of $200,000 claims one exemption and files as single in 2009. The amount of the taxpayer's personal exemption deduction is;Question 5 options;a) $2,433.;b) $3,309.;c) $1,022.;d) $3,650.;e) $2,628.


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