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Poems Analysis




Poems Analysis;In your Unit 5 readings you had the opportunity to read several poems from the Misty poets, Latin poets, and America poets.;For this discussion you will discuss each poem by three different poets.;This discussion is not an essay, a summary, or abstract. This is meant to be;a deep analysis on the poets using the Poetic Analysis Handout as a guide to interpretation. I also want you to compare and contrast;the poets that you choose, but only after you have finished your analysis. For example, you could analyze figurative language (metaphor, simile, etc), stanza length, enjambment, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, etc.;In addition, THIS DISCUSSION MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 300 WORDS.;From the Misty Poet Movement ~ Chinese;Read: (just some information to help);Missing You;by Shu Ting;;Latin Poets;Read: (just some information to help);Somnambulist Ballad" by Fredereico Lorca;!/20602706;American Poets;A family turn by William E. Stafford;!/20589833


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