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compare performance using rio return




compare performance using rio return;I need to compare performance using rio return/here is the data for company a,b c/sale-company a=4,000.000 b=1000000 c= unknown/ net operating income a=560.000 b=10.000 c=unkown/average operate asset a=200.000 b=unknown c =3000.000/margin- a=unknown b=unknown c=margin=3.5/turn over a=unknown b=unknown c=2/return on investment a=unknown b=7 percent c=unknown/I need to know what is the advantage are there to break down the rio comution into 2 separate element margin and turn over/ I need to fill in the missing information above and comment on the performance of these 3 company a.b.c in detail and how to improve the rio can u asst me jacdumb


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