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case Study Question 2;case Study Question 2 (20 marks)500 words;Read headline?Think before you spend?and then, drawing on material covered in this subject, Accounting Theory, identify some ways in which you think corporations would respond to such allegations.;Here are some of the products ?The Rough Guide to Ethical Shopping? believes we should think about before buying;Beverages: Maxwell House. One of the thousands of familiar brands ----Bird?s, Jacobs, Ritz and Toblerone are others--- owned by tobacco giant Philip Morris of Marlboro cigarette fame, which recently changed its name to Altria.;It denies to this day that smoking is addictive, was fined for failing to disclose political donations and was one of George Bush?s largest corporate campaign contributors.;Clothing: Nike trainers. Nike is said to have petitioned the Indonesia government for exemption from the minimum wage and has been accused of lying about labour conditions at its contractor factories.;According to Sweatshop Watch, an average Nike worker would need to put in 72,000 years of work to receive what Tiger Woods gets for one five-year contract to publicise the brand.;Food: Tiger prawns. Hugely popular nowadays in restaurants and supermarkets, tiger prawns are mostly raised in man-made pools in Bangladesh and the Philippines.;It takes 50,000 litres of water to produce a kilogram of prawn meat and the chemical additives to promote rapid growth ends up polluting the surrounding farming land.;People are routinely displaced to make way for these farms. Rape and murder have been reported in some cases.;Sport: Snooker cues. Thousands of snooker cues are made every year using wood from the Indonesian ramin tree. The ramin, which is also used for furniture and window blinds, is a rare and endangered tree listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, but continues to be logged illegally at an alarming rate.;(Irish Independent, 1 December 2004, Independent Newspapers Ireland Ltd)


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