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What impact do national forces have on a members chances for reelection




What impact do national forces have on a members chances for reelection;? What impact do national forces have on a member's chances for reelection?;? What is the difference between a member being responsive and a member being responsible? How does the method of election help foster one behavior over the other?;? Why is it so difficult for Congress to put the interest of the public above special interests? What strategies can members use to overcome these difficulties?;? Why did the Tax Reform Act of 1986 pass when other similar attempts had failed in the past?;? Why weren't members of Congress allowed the chance to vote on censuring President Bill Clinton?;? Why does the House have stricter rules and greater leadership control than does the Senate? How do these differences affect the day-to-day operation of the chambers? The house has stricter rules because it is much larger. The senate is much smaller allowing them to get by with less limitation.;? If members are elected by majorities from their districts, why do interest groups sometimes prevail, even in conflicts with majority opinion?;? How does the legislative process make it easier to stop a bill from passing than to enact one?


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