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Kaplan MT400 week 1 discussion




This Discussion should help prepare you for the Assignment, in which you will select the process that you may be using for subsequent Assignments. As part of your preparation, also read the Assignment instructions.;Take extra time this week to read what kinds of processes are being described by your classmates. Use the Discussion to focus on a good selection for your Assignment.;For this Discussion topic, do the following;Describetwoexamples of a business process from your professional experience. Foreachprocess, clearly state (follow this format and numberyour sections for each example);The objective.;The scope (where the process begins and ends).;A brief description of those involved (is this a one person process, or do multiple people get involved?).;How would BPM help in this process?;As you progress through the course, you may need to analyze elements such as, the connection of this process to company strategy, metrics and goals of the process, stakeholders and team members involved, etc.;Use this Discussion topic as a preparation for the Assignment: try to pick two examples that will provide you with enough information without being too general. Your instructor will provide you with additional guidelines and feedback. If you have found a good example in this Discussion, you will be ready for completing the Assignment.


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