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CHAPTER 1 -CASE STUDY, THE SANTA FE GRILL;The Marketing Research in Action focus in this chapter is The Santa Fe Grill, the;company which will be used throughout the book for discussion and exercises. This;first entry introduces the company. It was initially part of a business plan concept for;an entrepreneurship course. The owners started the business in Dallas, Texas;because it was a good market for reaching baby-boomers and young families. The;restaurant concept focused on fresh ingredients, festive atmosphere, friendly service;and cutting-edge marketing and advertising. The business was successful but not as;successful as the owners expected. They realized that marketing research could help;to answer the questions which would help them to improve their marketing strategy.;1. Based on your understand of Chapter 1, and specifically using Exhibit 1.1, what;type(s) of research program(s) should the owners of the Santa Fe Grill consider?;2. Is a research project actually needed? If yes, what kind of project? What areas;should the research focus on?;3. Are there any potential ethical issues that need to be considered in determining;what kind of research project is needed?;CHAPTER 9 ? LEE APPAREL;1. What was Lee Apparel Company?s overall goal for conducting such an extensive;test market of its new line of jeans under the brand name Riders? In your opinion;did the company achieve its goal? Why or why not?;2. Identify and explain the strength and weaknesses associated with the test market;process used by the Lee Apparel Company.;3. In your opinion, should the company give consideration to the development and;implementation of Web-based test marketing strategies? Why or why not?;Attachments;chapter_1.pdf (54.57 KB);LEE_APPAREL.pdf (278.97 KB)


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