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BFIN 305_Summer Q1




Question 1;(2 points);Al Jaffilia Cement Industries is considering investment in a new cement plant which is;expected to cost AED 40 million. The company has prepared a business plan based on;which the project is expected to have annual cash flows over its life of 10 years as shown in;the table below. The Company?s cost of capital which will be the discount rate is 12%.;Year;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;Annual Cash Flows;(AED million);2;3;5;6;6;8;8;9;9;9;Please answer the following questions;(A);(B);(C);(D);(E);(F);Calculate the Payback period;Calculate the Discounted Payback period;Calculate the NPV of the project;Calculate the IRR;Calculate the PI;Giving reasons, recommend if the company should accept or reject this project;C 3.11 ? Appendix III: Assessment Instrument Cover Sheet


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