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Unit 3 Assignment 1




Unit 3 Assignment 1;Unit 3 Assignment 1 includes the following textbook problems;Exercise 9-33 ? found on page 338 in your textbook;Exercise 10-50 ? found on page 398 in your textbook;Submit your assignment using a single Excel workbook. Place each exercise/problem on a separate tab (sheet). Format the Excel spreadsheet to make all computations. The computations must be included in the assignment solutions. Be sure that you highlight or otherwise distinguish the answers.;The Kaplan math Center provides extensive help to you when you need additional training in the use of Excel spreadsheets. Most of the Unit assignments will require you to use Excel, you are strongly encouraged to gain additional Excel expertise by taking advantage of the great video & document training tutorials and live tutoring resources available through the Kaplan Math Center.;After you have completed the assignment, upload Excel document to the Unit 3 Assignment 1 Dropbox before Tuesday, 11:59p.m. (ET) of Unit 3. Name your assignment filename using this format: LastName_FirstName_Unit#_AssignmentName. For example, the Unit 3 Assignment would be named;Smith_John_Unit03_Assignment;Assignments submitted late will be subject to the Late Policy described in your Syllabus.;The Unit 3 Assignment Rubric has been provided in Doc Sharing. The rubrics are an integral part of all assignment instructions. Please review the rubric document for a complete understanding of how your assignments will be assessed. Doing so will help you successfully complete your assignments.;Remember to ?Rename? your Excel spreadsheet tabs. Failure to do so may result in a reduced score.


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