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Part 1 Now that you have learned all the phases in the BPM model suggested by your book, it is time to take a step back and look at the overall model. As Chapter 10 discusses, many process management models are based on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle. There?s a lot of research on adopting and applying the PDCA model to various specific contexts. For the first part of this Assignment, answer the following questions: 1) If you had to categorize the 10 phases you learned into the PDCA categories, where would each phase fall? 2) Are there any phases that do not fit within the PDCA cycle? Why do you think this is- is this an improvement to the PDCA cycle to fit the BPM effort better? 3) Do you think the model that you have covered in this course needs one or more phases added to cover something that is currently missing?;Part 2 This course has often touched on the importance of proper communication. Collaboration and communication is critical in many of the project steps, may they be the discovery of problems with a process, establishing expectations, or searching for means to improve. The class also discussed methods for improving the efficiency of workshops. Things become more complicated when a process extends beyond a single location. When a process involves partners in another country, this complexity is increased much more. With the use of outsourcing in so many organizations, this challenge to effective communication is faced frequently. In this second part of the Assignment, you will explore issues that are particular to this situation. Answer the following questions: 1) What are some commonly seen problems involving communication between business groups when some of these groups are in another country? Research and provide two real-life examples. 2) Provide two recommendations for handling the problems you have identified in question 1. How can an effective BPM project be carried out when the teams face these challenges?


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