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Module 08 Problems




Module 08 Problems;Your Name: Tyler David Dailey;Answer the questions below. The space will expand as you work. Please include your entire working calculations along with your answer. Minimum credit is given if you only include your final answer.;1. Write each as a set and then give the probability, of the following happening?;a) From a full pack of picture cards (J,Q,K,A) an ace is dealt?;b) From a set of a single die that a 4 is rolled?;c) From the birth of quadruplets 2boys and 2 girls are born?;2. Write the total number of possible combinations of 5 dice being rolled at once?;3. Using a standard cell phone keypad, how many random words (just letters strung together) can be produced from the PIN 23579?;1;2;ABC;3;DEF;4;GHI;5;JKL;6;MNO;7;PQRS;8;TUV;9;WXYZ;0;4. With an IP address how many times can the bit pattern 101001 appear?;5. Using arrow diagrams If 7 dice are rolled, and explain why must two at least be the same value?


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