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DeVry BUSN 278 Week 7 - Finalized Budget Proposal and Presentation




DeVry BUSN 278 Week 7 - Finalized Budget Proposal and Presentation;Student Project Activity?Week7;A. Week7: Finalized Budget Proposal and Presentation;B. TCOs Addressed;TCO 10: Given a description of a new business, new product, service or project develop, present and defend the budget.;C. Project Activity Overview?Scenario/Summary;Use the Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx and Budget Proposal Template.docx to finalize the budget proposal and presentation.;D. Deliverables;Put the finishing touches on your appendices and works cited sections and complete your executive summary. Update the table of contents with page numbers. Create a PowerPoint presentation complete with notes defending the presentation.;Add Works Cited Section 6.0, any content to Appendices Section 7.0, your executive summary, and an updated table of contents (with page numbers) to the Budget Proposal Template.docx and save it as YourName_Project_WK7.docx. Also save the Budget Proposal workbook.xls as YourName_Worksheet_WK7.xlsx and uploadboth filesto the Week7Project Dropbox.;E. Project Tasks;Task 1;Add any works cited, appendices, or other details to your Budget Proposal Template.docx. Also complete your executive summary and page numbers in the table of contents.;Task 2;Save the Excel and Word documents and submit them to the Week 7 Project Dropbox.;Task 3;Create and save a PowerPoint presentation presenting and defending the budget proposal, placing notes in the presentation indicating your assumptions and defense of the budget components.;Task 4;Submit the PowerPoint presentation to the Week 7 Presentation Dropbox.;F. Grading Criteria: Project Proposal;Item;Description;Points;Content;All parts of the template are fully completed.;5;Executive Summary;The executive summary presents the major details of the budget proposal and adequately describes the business.;10;Sales Forecast;The sales forecast is based on sound methodology and is complete.;15;Capital Expenditure Budget;The capital expenditure budget is complete with capital expenditure items properly identified.;15;Investment Analysis;The investment analysis is complete with NPV, rates of return, payback period, and net cash flow calculations.;15;Pro Forma Financial Statement Interaction;The income statement, balance sheet and cash budget are properly constructed and are internally consistent.;15;Assumptions and Primary Research;Assumptions and sources of financial estimates are understandable and reasonable for all financial statements.;15;Total;90;G. Grading Criteria: Presentation;Item;Description;Points;Spelling and Grammar;There are no spelling or grammatical errors.;5;Summarization;The key points from the budget proposal are presented at the right level of detail.;20;Professionalism;The layout of the slides, color schemes, and content are readable and highly professional.;5;Total;30;End of Week 7


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