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What Customers Don?t Know Won?t Hurt Them or Will It?




Final Project part I;What Customers Don?t Know Won?t Hurt Them or Will It?;1. Explain reinforcement theory (Chapter 6). Using the concepts from reinforcement theory, explain why Elena might feel motivated to lie to customers. With reinforcement theory in mind, do you think that Elena will confess to the legal representative? Why or why not? (Robbins and Judge, p. 698).;1. Chapter 17 discusses five practices that management can implement to support an ethical culture. Identify and discuss three of these practices. How could the practices have changed the situation? Explain why and use examples.;1. Define authentic leadership. Chapter 13 discussed contemporary leadership issues. Explain the qualities that Elena's supervisor lacked as a leader. What qualities would have changed the situation?;750 word each


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