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Strayer Bus325 week 5 discssions




Week 5 discussn 1;Approaches to Staffing" Please respond to the following;? Imagine that you are the HR manager of a multinational enterprise (MNE). You have been tasked with staffing a subsidiary in Asia. Select the approach to staffing that you would utilize in this situation and provide a rationale for your decision. Support your selection with one (1) example of the successful implementation of this approach.;? Determine the manner in which organizations can locate qualified candidates when operating MNEs. Provide a rationale for your response. Take a position on whether or not an ethnocentric approach to staffing is the best option when staffing outside of an organization?s home country. Support your position, if you disagree, suggest an alternative approach.;Week 5 discussn 2;Transferring Staff for International Business Activities" Please respond to the following;? Determine two (2) advantages to using international assignments versus local nationals when expanding a company into a new country. Support your response with examples of each of the two (2) such advantages.;? Examine two (2) reasons that multinationals should be concerned about expatriate failure. Propose two (2) actions that a company can take in order to prevent expatriate failure.


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