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You be the investigator?.;Was there a binding;agreement between Quanta;and LG?;What is a binding contract?;q;q;q;Though the agreement was ?wellpublicized? is it binding?;Does it make the contract legal?;Is this a valid defense?;What is a contract, anyway?;Is it;?;?;?;?;?;?;?;Length?;Content?;Value?;Period of time?;The name of the;companies?;The contents?;The font?;The Contract is a Binding;Agreement;?;?;?;A contract establishes what;will be done and the rules;that will be followed;between the parties.;A contract is a promise.;A contract can be verbal or;written.;?;?;A contract establishes who;will do what, how they will;do it, and how much they;get paid for doing it.;Without contracts;business would be;difficult... Or impossible.;L;e;g;a;l;There are four to six elements;(depending on the perspective);?;?;o;b;j;e;c;Agreement (offer and;acceptance);Consideration (some type of pay);Legal Objective and;Competence;?;It must be legal. It is not;legal to contract to do;something illegal.;?;The parties must be;legally competent. None of;the individuals here would be;able to sign a contract. The;alcoholic is likely considered;incompetent to manage his own;affairs. The judge says Brittney;Spears cannot manage her own;affairs. The girl with the dog is;too young to sign a contract. In;the eyes of the law, she is an;?infant?.;How does this apply to;Quanta Computer Inc.;v.;LG Electronics?;FIRST;Patent;Exhaustion;Second;Contract;Law;WHEW.;Updates;References;?;?;?;?;Farnsworth, A. (2004) Contracts;fourth edition. New York: Aspen;Publishers;Hershovitz, S. (2006).;Accountability and Political;Authority. Minn. L. Rev, 1003;1012.;Hungar, T. (2009) Observations;regarding the Supreme Court?s;decision in Quanta Computer;Inc. v. LG Electronics, Inc. Paper;delivered to American;Intellectual Property Law;Association meeting, October 24;2008. IDEA 49(4) 517-548;Lee, R. (1998) Mental illness and;the right to contract. Florida Bar;Assn Journal LXXII (11) 48;Revised February 12, 2012.;?;?;?;Lee, T. (2008) Quanta case;preserved the distinction between;patent law and contract law.;Freedom to Tinker, September;29, 2008. Retrieved from;;Quanta Computer Inc v. LG;Electronics (2008) 128 S. Ct. 2109;Static Control Components, Inc.;v. Lexmark Int?l, Inc., 615 F.;Supp. 2d 575, 585 (E.D. Ky. 2009);Attachments;WaltonJ7027-4-Comments.pptx (3694.29 KB)


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