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Final Project part 2 Wal-Mart's World




Final Project - Part 2;Questions for Case Study #4 - page 703;Wal-Mart's World;Read the case study in your textbook and then answer the three questions below using the guidelines for preparing your Final Project.;1. According to the textbook, seven primary characteristics capture the essence of an organization's culture. How would you describe Wal-Mart's culture using these seven characteristics? (Chapter 17) (Robbins and Judge, p. 705);1. Explain the difference between a strong and a weak organizational culture. How would you describe Wal-Mart's culture - strong or weak? Why? Give examples.;1. Chapter 16 discusses several common organizational structural designs. Identify and discuss two of these. Which organizational structure design best fits Wal-Mart's organization? Why?


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