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490CS1;Assignment: After reading the passages below?;In an essay of 3 to 4 pages, please answer the following questions;1. Why have supply chain management issues often been ignored by senior management?;2. Describe the strategy you would employ to sell senior management on the benefits of focusing more attention on supply chain management. (Be sure in addressing the strategy question that you incorporate examples from Abercrombie & Fitch?s experience described in Dutton?s article and the suggestions noted in Rudski?s article);3. Discuss the benefits that might be gained from working closely with 3PLs, 4PLs and vendors in promoting supply chain management initiatives to senior management?;Assignment Expectations;It is anticipated that the paper will demonstrate critical thinking skills, clarity of thought, and breadth of understanding in addressing the placement of logistics in modern organizations and why senior management have often overlooked the importance and centrality of the discipline. Specific expectations for the work focus on demonstrating and evaluating creative solutions and strategies for increasing senior management interest in logistics and assessing the benefits of building alliances with 3PLs and 4PLs. It is also expected that the work presented in the paper will reflect a synthesis of previous course work in logistics and related courses, as well as incorporate new materials presented in the module?s background readings.;Dutton, Gail (2009 Sep.) Selling the supply chain upwards, World Trade, Troy: Vol. 22, Iss. 9, pg. 34, 3 pgs.;Reading


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