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Manson Paint Corporation began operations




In September 2011, Manson Paint Corporation began operations in a state that requires new employers of one or more individuals to pay a state unemployment tax of 3.5% of the first $7,000 of wages paid each employee.;An analysis of the company's payroll for the year shows total wages paid of $177,610. The salaries of the president and the vice president of the company were $20,000 and $15,000, respectively, for the four-month period, but there were no other employees who received wages in excess of $7,000 for the four months. Included in the total wages were $900 paid to a director who only attended director meetings during the year, $6,300 paid to the factory superintendent, and $2,000 in employee contributions to a cafeteria plan made on a pretax basis?for both federal and state.;In addition to the total wages of $177,610, a payment of $2,430 was made to Andersen Accounting Company for an audit it performed on the company's books in December 2011. Compute the following;(a) Net FUTA tax;(b) SUTA tax


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