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Strayer Bsu519 week 6 discussions




Week 6 Discussion 1;Top of Form;Possible Risk Impacts" Please respond to the following;Using Table 5.4 Possible Risk Impacts, (Chapter 5 of the Heldman text), select the top-three most critical risks regardless of the size or scope of a project. Justify your selection.;Suggest strategies for the project manager to address each type of the risks selected in Part 1 of this discussion. Support your suggestion.;Week 6 Discussion 2;Top of Form;Quantitative Risk Analysis" Please respond to the following;After reviewing the Monte Carlo Analysis method presented in Chapter 15 of the Hillson and Simon text, justify why a project manager would request the use of this methodology for a large, complex project. Include an example to support your response.;When an organization cannot justify the use of a method such as Monte Carlo, recommend an alternative tool that would allow the project manager to make informed decisions. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.


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