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Strayer Bus325 week 6 quiz 4




Question 1;Boundary spanning refers to activities that;Answer;Expand ownership in a different country;Gather information that bridge internal and external organizational contexts;Exporting information and technology across country boundaries;Expatriates are seldom called on to perform for the organization;Question 2;The culture adjustment process in an international assignment can be characterized by;Answer;An ?S? shaped curve;A ?U? shaped curve;Cultural shock;Matrix relationships;Question 3;Third country nationals;Answer;Provide no assurance the subsidiary will comply with company objectives;Provide continuity of management as TCHs stay longer in positions;May be better informed than Parent Country Nationals about the host county environment;May impose an inappropriate HQ style;Question 4;Recruitment is defined as;Answer;The process of gathering information for the purpose of evaluating who should be employed;Searching for and obtaining job candidates;Promoting employees within the organization to fill international management positions;Transferring functional managers to headquarters;Question 5;?Bumble Bee? is a description of an expatriate role as;Answer;Agent of direct control;Network builders;Transferor of corporate values;Boundary spanners;Question 6;?Independents? are defined in the text as;Answer;Professional women who are self-selected expatriates;Trailers;Minority foreign female;Neither a Democrat or Republican expatriate;Question 7;The European Union Social Charter allows for;Answer;Spousal work permits;Expatriate to apply for citizenship;Free movement of citizens of member countries within the EU for work;Long term assignments;Question 8;An example of an employee working on a contractual assignment of a non-standard is a/an;Answer;Part time loan of an employee for one week to one month;Three years assignment to start up a Greenfield site;Oil rig worker;R&D project team;Question 9;Traditional expatriate assignments are referred to as a/an;Answer;Long term assignment;Extended assignment;Short term assignment;Contractual assignment;Question 10;A group of multinationals have established an organization called ?Permits Foundation? which;Answer;Promotes the improvement of work permit regulations for spouses of expatriates;Allows multinationals to work foreigners without a VISA;Advocates all managers to receive a permit to work in any country;Acts as a clearinghouse for work permit complaints;Question 11;How is ?expatriate failure? usually defined?;Answer;Returning home before the period of assignment is completed;Lower than expected market shares;A dissatisfaction by the assignee during or after the assignment;Communication channels not utilized and implemented as expected;Question 12;Three key organizational reasons for using the various forms of international assignments are;Answer;Position filling, crisis management and organizational development;Responding to requests from local employees, management development and organizational development;Position filling, management development and responding to requests by parent company employees for international assignments;Position filling, management development and organizational development;Question 13;According to the text, common corporate language in MNEs is developed to;Answer;Expand the use of English;Use language as a way of standardizing reporting systems;Match the language of the home country;Provide an interpreter if managers are not fluent in the common language;Question 14;Ethnocentric organizations are best characterized by;Answer;Key personnel positions are held by headquarter personnel.;Subsidiaries are managed by local nationals (HCN);A worldwide integrated business which nationality is ignored in favor of ability;Staff may move outside their countries but only within a particular geographic region.;Question 15;Polycentric approaches to international staffing;Answer;Uses the ?assignment as control? approach to reduce perceived high risk;Uses HCNs to manage subsidiaries and they are seldom promoted to headquarters;Can be expensive to implement;Has very few divisions in the HR staffing department


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