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ITM301 Case 4




ITM301 Case 4;For this case, write a 4-5 page description of the steps businesses need to follow to create an online presence, the required skills and tools and the opportunities and challenges of electronic and mobile commerce.;Min Pages: 4;Max Pages: 5;Other Requirements: ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW;Everyday sales items purchased online like soaps, juices, shampoos etc. have almost doubled between the year 2006 and 2010 and it is expected that these figures will keep doubling by 2014. Few years back, e-commerce was not expected to be what is now. It is clear that all bueinesses need to provide online services sooner or later to remain in the market. The same is true for mobile commerce.;In order to identify what businesses need to do to start their online presence, go over the background readings and any other elective readings you find useful.;When you have read the articles listed in the background material and any other relevant reading you could find, imagine that you want take advantage of the Internet and communication technologies for your business.;Tools and strategies needed to follow in order to implement electronic and mobile commerce in businesses


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