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1. Question: (TCO 1) Which object would you use to enter, delete, or modify data?;Criteria;Form;Query;Table;2. Question: (TCO 1) Which object would you use to retrieve customers who live in Germany and the United States?;Criteria;Form;Query;Table;3. Question: (TCO 1) To design a report you should do all of the following EXCEPT;draw a paper design of the report.;identify all sources of data, fields and groups.;input the data.;select a reporting tool.;4. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT a Report Section?;Detail;Group Footer;Page Footer;Summary;5. Question: (TCO 1) A Detail line is used to;print more detailed information on one record only.;provide additional field information on a record.;repeat data for each record in the record source.;All of the above;6. Question: (TCO 2) For the following image, which of the following is TRUE?;The OrderID field will be unique within both the Orders and Order Details tables.;Within the Orders table, the OrderID field will contain more than one of the same value.;Within the Order Details table, the OrderID field will contain more than one of the same value.;Within the Orders Details table, the ProductID field will contain unique values only.;7. Question: (TCO 2) A symbol used in ER diagrams for an entity is a;box.;diamond.;line.;triangle.;8. Question: (TCO 3) A property that provides a "user friendly" name to a column in Datasheet View is a;caption.;default value.;input mask.;rule.;9. Question: (TCO 3) Summarized data in an easy-to-read view is known as a;design.;PivotTable.;report.;table.;10. Question: (TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT true of a property?;A property is an object's characteristic or attribute.;Tables, forms, queries, and reports have a set of properties.;A property sheet is used to make changes.;Design properties are displayed in Datasheet View.;11. Question: (TCO 4) Which of the following does NOT describe the following one-to-one relationship?;The tables must have exactly the same fields.;The Employees and NewEmployees tables use the same primary key.;More tables can be joined to either table.;It may be used for security reasons to protect data availability.;1. Question: (TCO 5) Which form type displays records in a tabular format similar to a Datasheet view but has more editing options such as adding graphics?;Datasheet Form;Multiple Items Form;Split Form;Subform;2. Question: (TCO 5) A calculated control;contains a formula that displays the result.;is a bound box.;is a text box containing a description.;is an unbound box that the user will fill in with a numeric value.;3. Question: (TCO 6) Which of the following is a term used to describe the names of controls, fields, or properties?;Function;Identifier;Operator;Value;4. Question: (TCO 6) Data aggregates;are used to perform calculations on individual records in a table or query.;cannot be used in a report.;perform calculations on entire columns of data.;return multiple values.;5. Question: (TCO 7) When making vertical data comparisons, you should use the following chart.;Bar;Column;Pie;Scatter Plot;6. Question: (TCO 7) Discrete data;are easily scaled.;are used to measure time or money.;cannot be subdivided into meaningful information.;may be subdivided into smaller and smaller units.;7. Question: (TCO 8) A switchboard is a;form that looks like a menu or a series of menus that ties objects in a database.;design tool to analyze and optimize a database.;report that looks like a menu or a series of menus that ties objects in a database.;screen that is used to hide objects from users.;8. Question: (TCO 9) To secure an Access database, all of the following should be done EXCEPT;digitally sign a database and open it in a trusted location.;require a password to open a database.;run the Table Analyzing Wizard and Performance Analyzer.;save a database with the.accde file extension.;9. Question: (TCO 9) All of the following describe a certification authority EXCEPT;a certification authority company provides a digital signature when a high level of security is needed to protect the contents of a database.;a certification authority is a commercial company that is highly regulated in most countries.;a fee is charged for the service of issuing and validating identities using a digital signature.;certification authority companies establish their own rules and regulations that users must follow.;10. Question: (TCO 10) Which of the following file format types removes all VBA code from the database and prohibits users from making changes to forms and reports?;ACCDB;ACCDC;ACCDE;ACCDT;11. Question: (TCO 4) The term "cascading" refers to;data changes travel from one table to another.;data is put in sequential order.;queries can retrieve data at a faster rate.;records are arranged in order.;1. Question: (TCO 1) Describe three-tier architecture. Explain the functions performed by each tier.;2. Question: (TCO 2) Explain business logic and describe how it relates to a relational database.;3. Question: (TCO 4) From first normal form, second normal form, or third normal form, select one of these forms and explain (1) how that normal form is often violated by inexperienced database designers and (2) how to correct such a violation of that normal form.;4. Question: (TCO 4) Explain 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF as related to database design.


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