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? Question 1;One advantage of a matrix structure is;? Question 2;A matrix structure;? Question 3;The second stage of a new international company typically involves which department;? Question 4;?Born globals? are;? Question 5;Korean conglomerates have a strong preference for;? Question 6;The ?think global, act local? paradox;? Question 7;A common theme between heterarchy, matrix and transnational is;? Question 8;Typically the initial stage of a firm entering international operations is;? Question 9;?Miniature replicas? are;? Question 10;The complex network of interrelated activities in a MNE can be described in the following structure;? Question 11;Transnational strategies of globalization are characterized by;? Question 12;Clan control is defined as;? Question 13;The matrix structure;? Question 14;Matrix structures;? Question 15;The process of socializing people so that they come to share a common set of values and beliefs that shapes their behavior is;Midterm part 2.;Question 1;Matrix structures;Question 2;An important forum for the development of personal networks is;Question 3;A matrix structure;Question 4;A major contributing factor of an unmanageable matrix structure is;Question 5;?Born globals? are;Question 6;The matrix structure;Question 7;The host-country effect;Question 8;The second stage of a new international company typically involves which department;Question 9;The ?think global, act local? paradox;Question 10;Which category of employee is typically used in key sales subsidiary position in a new developing international company;Question 11;Clan control is defined as;Question 12;Social Capital emphasizes the need for;Question 13;Many companies in the developmental stage of internationalization will maintain control by;Question 14;Equity modes of foreign operations can be best described as;oreign direct investor purchase of shares of an enterprise in a country other than its own;Question 15;The best way to address intercultural conflicts is to;Question 16;Shortage of working capital to finance exports is a top barrier to access international markets in;Question 17;One of the largest merges in history was between;Question 18;The HR manager?s role as an innovator in a IJV means;Question 19;A perceived ? unaffordable luxury? in SMEs is;Question 20;Advising management on dealing with people issues normally occur in which M&A phase?;Question 21;Internationalization process theory suggests which person has the most impact on internationalization process of a small to medium enterprise (SME);Question 22;The European Commission?s definition of SME is which of the following?;Question 23;Which country tends to have the longest recruitment period?;Question 24;Cross-border alliances are;Question 25;Which expatriate role or characteristic is found to be most important for a successful integration in a M&A activity?


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