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Strayer BUS 325 Quiz 5 Chapter 6 (2014)




Course Global Hum Res Mgt;Test Quiz 5;Instructions This quiz consist of 15 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapter 6. Be sure you are in Chapter 6 when you take the quiz.;? Question 1;What can be described as the strongest stressors in expatriate ?overseas? work environment?;? Question 2;The dilemma of cultural adaptation of a performance evaluation could be overcome by;? Question 3;Two countries in which it is common for employees to have input into job goal setting is;? Question 4;If the PCN is perceived to identify too closely with the host subsidiary concerns;? Question 5;Performance management systems contribute;? Question 6;According to Hays, the ?trouble shooter? is;? Question 7;Web-based platforms of human resource information system that include performance management modules;? Question 8;The employee who oversees and directs the entire foreign operations is;? Question 9;What are the five major constraints in terms of multinational strategy and goal setting?;? Question 10;What tool assists an organization in collecting accurate performance data and allows for cross-employee comparisons?;? Question 11;What are the five variables affecting expatriate performance?;? Question 12;Which country has a strong tradition of collective bargaining?;? Question 13;The turbulence of the global environment requires that long-term goals be;? Question 14;An appraisal system which builds upon the strengths while minimizing their disadvantages uses all of the following criteria;? Question 15;The transfer of the individual and accompanying family member into a foreign environment outside of their normal cultural comfort zones is the definition of


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