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Google case analysis using Porter?s Five Forces model and Competitive Dynamics




Click here to read the Google case and address the following issues. Students are expected to use the Internet to update the current conditions of Google as it impacts this case. Please refer to the "How to analyze a case" document for guidance on how to analyze a case. Also read "Conducting Case Analysis: An Exercise in Wealth Creation" beginning on page 283 in the Pettus book. The 6th edition presents an example of how to conduct a case analysis using Porter?s Five Forces model and Competitive Dynamics. While the sample is good, please don?t think that this is the only way to analyze a case.;1. Using competitor intelligence from the case material, assess the levels of market commonality and resource similarity that Google has with three key industry competitors. How will they influence competitive behavior and the intensity of rivalry?;2. Conduct a competitor analysis and prepare an anticipated response profile for each major rival. What I am looking for with your competitor analysis is for you to identify the future objectives, strategies, likely assumptions and capabilities of Google's three main competitors based on the information in the case.;3.Considering Google?s external and internal environmental conditions, does a SWOT analysis reveal any insights to enhance the company?s efforts to compete or improve performance?


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