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Consumer Behavior




Consumer Behavior MKT 510 week 9-11 Discussion!!!!;Purchasing Options" Please respond to the following;?From the first e-Activity, examine which consumer market segments tend to purchase online versus in a mega retail store such as Bass Pro Shops. Determine if there are common themes among market segments that influence outlet selection around which retailers can build strategies.;?From the second e-Activity, propose three other types of retailers that could be successful using the fashion-forward format of social retailing. For those companies that cannot make the leap to the fashion-forward format, develop three new ways in which the retailers in question could incorporate mobile device technology either to improve the in-store experience or to drive greater store traffic.;Customer Satisfaction" Please respond to the following;?From the third e-Activity, examine Best Buy?s example and determine if the Best Buy customers? shopping behavior can be replicated in other segments of retail shopping. Provide examples to support your theory.;?Examine the post-purchase dissonance of consumers and its effect on brand loyalty. Propose two marketing strategies that companies may use to evaluate the level of post- purchase dissonance among brand-loyal consumers.;Marketing Ethics" Please respond to the following;?From the second e-Activity, analyze the concept of ethics training in marketing. Provide two options for failing retailers other than unethical marketing practices.;?From the second e-Activity, determine which of the 4 Ps (product, place, promotion, price) in marketing is the most likely to be vulnerable to ethics violations. Provide a rationale for your selection. Next, provide two solutions to the potential lack of ethics that you have discussed.


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